Dec 1, 2020

Home Maintenance

Telltale Signs You Need a Water Softener

Is hard water harshing your vibes? If you notice these 6 signs, it might be time to get a water softener.

You know those unsightly spots on wine glasses that no amount of scrubbing or dishwashing seem to remove? Yeah, that’s the sign of hard water. And if it’s leaving that buildup on a single glass, imagine what it’s doing to the inside of your home’s water pipes and appliances?

Here are 6 sure signs you definitely need a water softener. Hey, those spots don’t lie:

1. You notice scale buildup on appliances

Hard, white scale on your appliances is a sign that mineral deposits left behind from hard water are taking hold. Scale can clog plumbing and cause appliances to work overtime and break sooner.

2. Your hair & skin feel dry

Thanks to extra calcium and magnesium salts in hard water, a residue may actually build up on your body that soap and shampoo cannot completely remove. Yuckiness aside, this film can irritate skin, causing it to feel rough and scratchy. Hard water also blocks pores, making skin more susceptible to blackheads and inflammation. A home humidifier system can actually relieve many dry skin symptoms and works even better when used in addition to a water softener.

3. Your clothes are grey and faded

Switching to a front-loader machine and liquid detergent may combat some of the problem, but it won’t resolve the entire issue. The main culprit? That mineral-rich hard water that leaves unwanted residue behind.  

4. You see stains on sinks & bathtubs

Stains left behind from mineral residue are a sign of hard water. When tap water evaporates, calcium and magnesium remain. You can remove these plaster-like deposits with vinegar, but it won’t resolve the problem long-term.

5. Your plumbing is in constant need of repair

Steel pipes don’t play nicely with hard water. They are easily damaged from buildup of limescale, which prevents water from flowing well. Copper and PVC pipes perform better, but they can’t eliminate problem’s associated with hard water completely. Hard water build-up can reduce flow and water pressure as well as inhibit valves from closing properly, leading to leaks. A plumber can fix these issues, but their price tag can add up over time. Prevention is best.

6. Your water bill skyrockets

The harder your pipes have to work to let water flow through, the higher your water bill will climb. If you notice your bill has recently increased, it might be due to hard water. A water softener can help put less strain on your plumbing and lower your bills.

The solution? Soften up.

So, what can you do? Rümi carries and installs the Nova water softener, known for being one of the most reliable brands on the market, which can help to alleviate some of the woes associated with hard water. We also carry several lines of humidifier systems to help create healthy indoor environments. Contact Rümi today to learn more or book a service.  

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