Nov 10, 2021

Home Maintenance

While You're App It

These 5 quick tips from the Rümi app to kickstart your productivity heading into the holiday season!

The holidays are a busy time for all of us, and our lengthy list of household chores may not be top of mind — luckily, we’ve got 5 quick tips from the Rümi app to kickstart your productivity heading into the holiday season! Consider adding these to your seasonal to-do list.

Inspect basement & crawl spaces

Your basement and crawlspaces don’t get much sunlight, which makes them a desirable gathering place for mold and stale odours. Gross!

A smart time to check a mold inspection off your list is when you’re digging out your holiday decorations. Pull everything out of those storage spaces each holiday, clean out dust and debris, and spot check for problems. It could save you from complex and expensive issues down the line, so think of it as a holiday gift to yourself!

You should check your basement (especially along baseboards) at least once a year for signs of leaks and moisture. Mold can be especially dangerous for your respiratory health, so keeping it out of your home is essential. Check the floors, baseboards and walls of the basement or crawl space. Keep your eyes peeled for streaks, stains or patches that appear slimy or are coloured black, green or white with orange spots.

Check the ceiling

Decking your halls with boughs of holly? When you’re up on the ladder with your garland, check the ceiling for signs of stains or not-so-festive discolouration.

During the cold winter months, pipes may expand, contract and rupture, causing leaks or even potential flooding. Moisture can be challenging to detect, so if you suspect a leak, be sure to contact a professional right away.

Door, window & lock safety check

All those Trick-or-Treaters have truly tested your doorbell, so why not use Halloween as a reminder to check all the locks on your doors and windows.

As winter approaches, you may notice locks and door-seals to be a little more finnicky compared to in the summer months. You might need the help of a locksmith for maintenance or repairs to faulty and old lock mechanisms. We recommend checking your locks every 3-6 months to ensure the safety and security of your home.

Fireplace & chimney

A Santa sighting at the mall should be your first reminder to tackle this task; if you have a woodburning fireplace and chimney, we recommend having it serviced every 6-12 months. It’s not just important to help keep soot off the big guy’s suit, it’s an essential step in preventing fire hazards.

Having your fireplace serviced can also help with the detection of crumbling bricks or mortar, drafting issues and inefficient operation. Catching these problems early will help you enjoy your fireplace safely for years to come.

Being home for the holidays is delightful when you picture your friends and family around the table. It’s not so delightful when rodents, critters and miscellaneous marsupials think your shed or garage is giving them a warm welcome.  

As you’re putting up your lights and decorations, go for a walk around your shed or garage to check for any openings animals might find inviting. Remember that mice and other vermin can enter through openings as small as a dime, so making sure that your home and garage are tightly sealed is in your best interest.

Bonus tip: Never leave food items near or on the floor in your garage or shed, this includes dog food and other non-perishables since they can be a tasty treat for unwanted critters.

The holidays are for spending time with those you love, not for household maintenance and clean-up. With the help of the Rümi app, you can make sure your to-do list is completed well before you welcome your in-laws back into your home.

The app can send you notifications for the next time you need to check your weather stripping, inspect your deck or change your furnace filter.

With a robust list of 30+ maintenance suggestions, you can stay on top of home up-keep all year round.

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