Feb 14, 2020


Cleaning Tips for Your Living Room You Can't Live Without

Your living room is where you spend time with family and relax after a long day. Keep it fresh with these easy cleaning tips!

Did you save all the care instructions for your furniture, carpets and window treatments? Yeah, we thought so. If you’re like most homeowners who don't have care instructions on hand, check out this short list of common cleaning concerns before attempting to wash (read: possibly damage or ruin) the various surfaces and fabrics in your home.


Dust in a top-to-bottom motion and use a dampened (micro or soft) cloth to wipe down all surfaces. And don’t just dust the places that are easy to reach! You’re not a teen cleaning their bedroom, are you? It’s also a good idea to dust before you clean your floors so that your final mop can catch that rogue dust that escapes your cloth and settles on the floor. Learn the mantra: Dust first. Mop second. Dust first. Mop second. Got it? Now, stick to the system to ensure your cleaning efforts will not have been in vain.

Leather furniture

You know what they say, “leather is forever.” Make sure it stays that way by wiping down furniture as needed with a dampened cloth, and vacuum between cushions and in seams with a narrow vacuum attachment (you might even find loose change!). Also, unless any specific care guide says otherwise, only use products designated for leather, and condition occasionally with leather conditioner. It’s not pretty otherwise.

Fabric furniture

Vacuum regularly to combat wear. Many fabrics can’t be deep cleaned or treated at home, so call our home care experts for advice before doing something as regretful as what you did that one Halloween in college.

Finished wood

Finished wood has a protective coating and only requires a damp wiping, as needed. However, some woods may require an occasional conditioning, so either check the guide that came with your piece (if you did in fact keep it), or go all private investigator and Google around to find the best care instructions out there.

Granite or marble

Dust or wipe with a (barely) damp cloth. Only use products specifically designed for these surfaces. If you’re old enough to have nice things, you’re old enough to take care of them… Sorry, not sure why we just sounded like our mother for a second there. Our bad. Won’t happen again.

Natural stone

Many stone surfaces don’t have a protective coating and may absorb permanent stains. Read: DO NOT place a greasy pizza box on one of these surfaces. You will regret that. But DO check with a manufacturer of stone products for best ways to clean your furniture.


Only vacuuming the high traffic areas of your carpet is like wearing a hat for a week straight to hide a bad haircut. Eventually, everyone is going to notice. Be sure to vacuum behind doors, under furniture and along the walls (where you may need an adaptor…provided you know where in the heck it is hiding at the back of your utility closet). It’s also wise to deep clean carpets at least once a year to ensure they look their best and have a long lifespan. We can help with that.

Window blinds

Even if your neighbours aren’t the nosy kind, they still see your blinds every day. So it’s a good idea to keep them clean. Caring for blinds is easy with tools designed specifically for doing just that or use a microfibre cloth to get things squeaky. If you opt for a cloth, turn the blinds in one direction and wipe, then turn the other way and do the same. Easy peasy.

There are two kinds of living rooms—The museum kind your grandmother never let you near, and the one most of us have. The living room, and the rest of your home, is busy, full of high traffic, and contains many different surfaces with many different cleaning needs. Call one of our home care experts anytime for some realistic advice on how to care for your real-life home.

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