Feb 13, 2020


Ground Rules for Cleaning Your Floor

Cleaning tips for wood, laminate, tile, vinyl, linoleum and carpeted flooring that will have your home sparkling every time you clean.

Your floors can take an absolute beating. Kids, pets, spills, sliding furniture…we’ve all been there. Take care of your floors, and they’ll look better and last longer. For extra credit, clean them at least once a week—but since this is an advice section for actual humans with busy lives, we’ll just say, “clean when you can or as needed.”

Tile & vinyl

Vacuum, sweep or dust when you can no longer stand to see the remnants of last week’s midnight snack strewn across the floor. To wash, use a drop of dish soap or all-purpose cleaner in a bucket of hot water and then rinse, if needed. Or don’t rinse if that extra step is going to hold you back from cleaning in the first place.

Hardwood & laminate

Vacuum regularly using the floor setting to avoid scratches. Yes, there is a “floor setting” on some vacuum models. If your vacuum doesn’t have one, swapping out to a softer vacuum head will work as well. And if you don’t have that, well, just be gentle. Wash these surfaces with water or a hardwood cleaner, then dry with a soft towel. Don’t use vinegar, because the acid in the vinegar may eventually break down your floor’s finish and leave it looking dull. And beware of commercial wet-mop products with chemicals that can build up and leave your floor feeling tacky. (We’d insert a tacky joke here, but that’d be too easy. A dirty joke about being clean? Maybe, but we wouldn’t want to get into a sticky situation).

Carpets & area rugs

Vacuum frequently and clean up spills immediately (or when you finally notice them) to prolong the life of your carpets and rugs, and give those carpets a deep clean on the regular. You could also try a good entryway mat or rug to reduce the amount of grime tracked inside. Just think, encouraging kids to actually wipe their feet on said entryway mat will be a fun challenge since you probably don’t have too much on your plate as is!


Remember that phase when people covered up real hardwood floors with linoleum? Well, if linoleum can be that important, it should at least be kept clean. Adding a little vinegar to the rinsing water will give your efforts a boost and show the lino some respect. But make sure it’s real-deal linoleum. Vinegar doesn’t play well with hardwood or laminate.

With the right products, tools and cranked up tunes, you’ll be well on your way to sparkling floors and freshened-up carpets. Call one of our home care experts anytime for even more great tips and advice on how to care for your floors and everything else in your home.

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