Apr 20, 2023


National Volunteer Week: Rümineers put the “U” in Community

Rümineers embody the values of Caring, Collaboration, Agility, Integrity & Safety by volunteering in the community. Learn how we're helping to make a difference!

Caring, Collaboration, Agility, Integrity and Safety are values that make up the core of who we are as Rümi. As a company that exists to make people happy in the places they live and work, we’re passionate about spreading joy throughout our communities.  

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, we’re excited to share some milestones and stories about our Rümineers, who demonstrate our values and make a difference in the community!  

Making the connection  

If you’ve attended one of our Rümi events, chances are you’ve met Thomas and Garrett, two of the many passionate Rümineers from our Customer Care Happiness Centre! Collectively, this dynamic duo has dedicated over 40 hours of volunteer time, contributing to the 400+ volunteer hours put forth in the community in 2022 (and counting)!  

Recently, we chatted with the two Rümineers to learn more about their experience as Rümi volunteers and why they’re passionate about giving back.  

You both have volunteered for countless events since joining Rümi. What do you enjoy most about volunteering?  

Garrett: “For me, it’s about making connections with people. I like to bring awareness and be able to chat with people (customers) in person — showing the face behind the phones!”  

Thomas: “I enjoy meeting people in person and learning from customers about what they want. We may presume, but to hear directly from them in person, that’s something I can take as feedback.”  

You guys mentioned building connections and volunteerism. Why do you think it goes hand in hand?  

Garrett: “I’m born and raised in Alberta, and I love hearing the stories (from event attendees) about how they’ve heard about ATCO or how they’ve always liked the cookbooks from Blue Flame Kitchen. It seems every Albertan has a story about us!”  

Thomas: “For me, being not from Alberta (originally), I see there’s a deep connection within the province. Everybody probably knows somebody who knows about ATCO. With Rümi being a part of the ATCO family, that gives us a leg up in establishing a connection in terms of helping them understand us (Rümi).”  

What’s your favourite part of volunteering?  

Thomas: “I think it’s simply fun! It’s fun having conversations with people. And yes, sometimes it’s fast-paced, and time flies by, but I like all the events. I don’t feel like we’re ever stuck in a booth; we’re always front and center!”    

Garrett: “Yeah, and it’s not just about the activations and giving out prizes, but we also volunteer at places like WINS — it’s being able to do it as a group, and it makes it fun!”  

“I find it’s great use of personal time because you’re building friendships with your coworkers while giving back to the community!” he added.  

And lastly, what’s your most memorable moment as a volunteer?  

As they both smile, Garrett shares a funny moment from one of the events they worked on together.  

Thomas: “I’m thinking back to when we were doing a soccer event (Cavalry FC at Spruce Meadows), and we had two people trade their sunglasses with each other!”  

Garrett: “Yes! We had these green Rümi sunglasses that someone wanted so badly. It was his birthday, and he wanted a pair. The guy we gave the last pair overheard him, and the person ended up trading his brand name sunglasses for a pair of Rümi sunglasses in front of us!”    

What’s next for Rümi in the community?  

Since launching ügive, our community initiative, we've focused on local charities that align with our purpose.  

From home builds with Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta as part of their Refurbishment Program and community clean-up projects with HomeSpace to donation drives such as Handbags with Heart with WINS, our team of Rümineers has risen to each occasion to help us give back to the communities we love.  

2022 Community Investment Achievements:  

Whew!... safe to say ügive turned one on a high note, but we’re not planning on slowing down anytime soon! Subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of our upcoming events and learn more about what we’re up to in the future in a community near you!  

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