Jun 1, 2023


Rümi Pride: Our Origin Story

Mars Comeau, a veteran Team Lead at the Customer Care and Happiness Centre, has been a driving force in the creation of the Pride Alliance. Read our origin story!

Happy Pride Month, friends! As we celebrate the LGBTQIA2S+ community and the steps we’ve taken towards equality, it is important to recognize the work that still needs to be done. That's why we’re proud to have created our company Pride Alliance, an initiative that aims to promote diversity and inclusion here at Rümi.

Our origin story

Mars Comeau, a veteran Team Lead at the Customer Care and Happiness Centre, has been a driving force in the creation of the Pride Alliance. As a community member herself, Mars knew  sthe importance of visibility, support, and inclusion in the workplace. She approached our leadership team and was met with overwhelming support for her vision.

"I just wanted to make it a conversation. I wanted to make sure we were just talking about it. And look how quickly it has gone beyond that conversation and has become part of who we are."

Last year, the first Pride Movie Night was hosted at the Customer Care and Happiness Centre and it was a huge success. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with many team members expressing their desire for the celebration to continue beyond Pride month. Mars reached out to trusted allies and community members to help create the Pride Alliance as a company-wide initiative.

“A lot of people came forward with their stories as community members and allies and the stories of struggling to support the people they love. This really resonated and I knew we could take this all the way through Rümi.”

Creating an impact

Now, only months after those early conversations, the Pride Alliance is creating an impact through educational resources, events, and thoughtful discussion for team members and leaders alike. The first meeting had a room full of people, with many leaders expressing their desire to support their LGBTQIA2S+ team members in new ways. Mars is thrilled to see the conversation around inclusivity expand beyond Pride month, with plans to incorporate it into onboarding and community impact initiatives.

“My experience at Rümi so far has been that once we start something, we don’t stop. It’s so amazing to see this fully operational alliance that encourages people to choose us as their place to work.”

Happy Pride!

At Rümi, we believe that everyone deserves to feel safe and valued. Rümi is constantly striving for a workplace that is inclusive of all identities and backgrounds. We’re so grateful to Mars for leading the charge in inspiring the Pride Alliance and the passionate community members and allies who’ve brought it to life. We all look forward to continuing the work towards a more inclusive future. Let's continue to celebrate Pride and support our LGBTQIA2S+ team members not just this month, but every day!

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